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Mon, May. 4th, 2015, 10:07 pm
The Road to Ruin

Donald E. Westlake - The Road to Ruin

Our old friend John Dortmunder and his gang are planning a new caper. This time they want to steal the car collection of isolated and widely reviled millionaire Monroe Hall who has ruined other people with his businesses. In this they find themselves in competition with a group of fleeced workers and conned financiers who try to cooperate with each other. With emphasis on "try".

So they concoct a plan to infiltrate the estate of Monroe Hall - who is alienating his servants one by one by his behavior.

Dortmunder is a supposedly a criminal genius but his plans have never worker perfectly. However, this time the result leads to nothing, as if Westlake himself would have been too tired to figure out how to make the caper succeed at least a little bit.

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