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Mon, May. 4th, 2015, 10:12 pm

Ferdinand von Schirach - Crime

Ferdinand von schirach is a German criminal lawyer. In this book he writes about some of the cases he has been dealing with.

Old gentleman turns himself in after killing his wife - out of sense of duty. Young woman kills her brother out of sympathy. Man robs a bank to help his friends in a third world country. Honest brother betrays one of his brothers to save another. Boyfriend of a prostitute hides a body of her client who died in the act. How a Japanese diplomat is going to deal with turkish burglars who stole his family heirloom? Who is this unknown man who defended himself against ruffians too lethally to be just some ordinary bystander? Why a museum worker stuck to a single room for years smashes a statue in his last day before retirement? Is the young man getting worse if his family keeps hiding his animal mutilations?

Von Schirach tells about these cases with a degree of professionalism and even compassion. Not every suspect is a homicidal axe murderer.

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