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Fri, Oct. 30th, 2015, 09:29 pm

Stephen Fry- Hippopotamus

"Tedward" Wallace is very grumpy (to say the least) and acerbic poet and womanizer who just have been "released" from his post as a critic of a major British newspaper. For doing what critics do - hating something. Having as extensive vocabulary as Fry himself, one hopes this is not Fry's inner self (based on some comments, some people seem to think so.)

Jane, woman he knew when she was a girl, asks him to go to the estate of Lord Logan, a multi-magnate he knew when they both were younger in the military service, to check unspecified "miracle" with a pretext that he wants to write Logan's biography. And very mixed, irrevent and partly perverted hilarity ensues.

Even if the first chapter would make one think that all the story would be told on Wallace's viewpont, the chapters actually alternate between Wallace's grumbling, letters written by other people, POV of Wallace's godson Davey and sudden historical infodump about past of Lord Logan (that parallels what Fry has written about his own ancestor in the first set of his memoirs, Moab is my Washpot).

The whole story is quite obviously swipes against so-called "alternative" medical treatments. Because there is a male who thinks his male sexual organ is source of divine healing.

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