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Fri, Oct. 30th, 2015, 09:37 pm
Skink - No Surrender

Carl Hiaasen- Skink - No Surrender

Richard's wild female cousin Malley just skipped town with someone they just met in the internet because going to boarding school would have been so boring. How the hell he is going to save her - when she threatens to reveal embarrassing detail from his past.

Well, enter Hiaasen's eccentric regular Skink, immortal Everglades survivalist and the only honest (former) governor Florida has ever had. Even with all the beasts of the swampland around them, Skink is going to save more than just one day.

The story is nominally told from Richard's point of view, although it's unclear who he is telling his story to. Also, unlike in so many of Hiaasen's novels, this is also nominally juvenile novel (which just means he leaves out the sex scenes and that's about it - expect lots of gory details.).

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