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Fri, Oct. 30th, 2015, 09:48 pm
Jackal: Secret Wars of Carlos the Jackal

John Follain – Jackal: Secret Wars of Carlos the Jackal

Carlos seems to be narcissistic, self-aggrandizing guy with the major case of South American machisco to boot. HE is charming enough that he has managed to seduce number of women (including the French female lawyer who represented him and even married him after the events this book describes).

This is actually second book about Carlos I’ve read. The first was was written during the Cold War and assumed that Carlos was de facto KGB agent. Judging from his behavior, I don’t think any self-respected spy agency would have wanted to employ such a loose cannon.

He did not actually achieve that much, regardless of his claims and most of his supporers are gone or sidelined. European terrorist organizations have been disbanded, communism collapsed. PFLP has been overshadowed by Hamas and Fatah. Syria might be the only one that remains, under the new president.

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