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Wed, Aug. 4th, 2010, 02:58 pm
Viikinsaari 2010

Last weekend there was the annual Viikinsaari meeting of the SF folk. I went there after more serious business (see the previous entry).

Viikinsaari island is in the Pyhäjärvi lake so using a boat is essential (which shows because the coast of the ticket has increased to 10 €). It was tightly backed there and back.

Due to other commitments, I came two hours late (with the other people in the above picture) so others had already occupied the usual site.

The weather was still hot and humid but the get-together went in the usual manner; talking about this and that and frying and eating no-so-healthy food.

Local filksingers Filkkifriikit (IIRC) ("The filk freaks") had a new repertoire, in addition to the song rewritten to remind us of Strugatskis' Stalker.

Although no all of us wanted to sing along...

By about 6:00 we departed back to Tampere.

We ended up in the "terrace" of the Tillikka restaurant (which was also crowded; we have to wait 45 minutes for our food.

And then we stumbled upon couple of Quests of Honor from the FinnCon!

By the time I was too tired to stay any more, the weather had turned rather cold (at least compared to was it was) and some customers were borrowing restaurant's blankets.

As far as the following night was concerned, I think "sleeping like a log" might be appropriate reference........

Wed, Aug. 4th, 2010 12:56 pm (UTC)

Looks like the event progressed the usual way. :-)