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Thu, Feb. 9th, 2012, 02:03 am

(To be quite exact, this even happened a while ago but I decided to write about it anyway)

Last year the various museums of Tampere organized the Night of Museums; you could visit all the city museums with one ticket. So, accompanied by a group of coachsurfers, I proceeded to wal through them.

Visitors moved between museums inside (very cramped) museum bus.

I started with the Museum of Worker's Housing, a block of preserved historical buildings refurbished to depict typical worker's life in various eras, from 1865 to the 1950's.

(Later I also joined a group of enactors playing a Murder Mystery in this block. AT the year of 1929, in the latter stages of the Finnish Prohibition, I was a toll constable who was involved with timber sales and very aware of the local speakeasy).

Whole family often lived in a single room

Some artisans worked at home

Newspapers was reused as wallpaper.

The room about the 1950's also includes a radio with a continual broadcast about the Helsinki Olympics of 1952.

Visitors trying old toys (no, I didn't even try).

Children were having their own tour at the same time.

Vapriikki Museum Center is one of the former industrial buildings that has been turned into a museum. It has several exhibitions at the same time and at the time of this visit, the part of the Natural History had just opened.

Model of the center and old industrial facilities at the center of Tampere.

Part of the exhibition of typical residents of Tampere area, in this time a large family at the time of Vikings (no, Finns were not vikings). Art courtesy Tiitu Takalo.

Natural History Museum

These canines used to be common; currently not at all common.

And, no, we have hedgehogs, not porcupines. But there was this private collection of stuffed animals and...

Local Viola-Koti had also opened Juicen Kirjasto (Library of Juice), the library of late musician Juice Leskinen, for this occasion. Leskinen's book collection is there only to be seen, not to be read. I noticed that I have several of his books in my own shelf, including Dictionary of Imaginary Places.

Tampere Art Museum is relative small compared to some others. At the time there was a exhibition Onko Totta? (Is This Real?) with short speculative stories about the local history, some of them true, most of them fictitious.

Photography inside the museum was, shall we say, destricted

One of the more unusual museums in Tampere (maybe excluding the Espionage Museum) is the Lenin Museum, sort of a remnant of the Cold War era. Lenin was briefly active in Tampere before the October Revolution when he was hiding from the Russian authorities. One half of the museum is now concerned with Lenin, the other part has had various exhibitions connected to Communism, including Maoist propaganda posters.

Copies of death masks of Lenin and Stalin.

This time the museum included couple of alternate depictions of Lenin

Finally I went back to Tampere City Library building to check the Mineral Museum.

Same building also hosts the Tampere Moomin Museum but unfortunately photography is forbidden there. Probably due to demands of TOve Jansson's estate.

So I have only this image to offer:

Thu, Feb. 9th, 2012 02:23 am (UTC)

this was a lot of fun to see. I really enjoyed the historical house. I would love to see a town do a museum night like this