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Elfbiter's smirks, groans and sighs

So the world is a complex place, so what else is new

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26 December 1967
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Greetings from the Land of a Thousand Lakes.

I'm big, bald and bearded. That is, slightly above average in size (198 cm) and with a shining dome due to Alopecia Areata. Due to my appearance, some people offline are apparently afraid of me - without any reason, I assure you.

This is an eclectic journal, mixing random personal musings with snippets of prose and reviews of books I've read. I am mostly interested in reading and writing - most of the audiovisual media really does not interest me. I am also a semi-regular contributor to Wikipedia, the free online encyclopaedia. That may influence my style of writing.

I intend to limit my book and other reviews to these LJ pages. When I write about a book, I try to tell what it is about, not just label it good or bad. I sometimes also succumb to convoluted sentences.

My interests include number of sciences, history and non-standard people. As far as my interest list goes, I know a lot about some of these things and only a little about others. As for the latter, there's always more to know.

I also analyse things, nitpick details and like to confuse certain kind of people with facts. I'm just the kind of guy who tells you that there were no tyrannosaurs in the Jurassic era. In terms of paranormal, I'm on the sceptical side (too many frauds, excuses and wishful thinking). And I seem to have schadenfreude deficiency.

If you find me watching your journal without much comment, don't be puzzled. If I cannot find anything to say, beyond stating the obvious, I often say nothing.

I also tend to repeat myself.

It is not our purpose to become each other; it is the recognize each other, to learn to see the other and honour them for what they are; each the other's opposite and complement.
(paraphrasing Herman Hesse)
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